Lucy Skuse



What training have you had?

I completed a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design followed by a degree in textiles design at University of West of England, Bristol. I specialised in knitted textiles and have worked as a freelance knitwear designer when I first graduated in 2000. Since then, I have mainly worked in Education in various roles although I continued to knit and crochet in my spare time. I rediscovered macramé through Zaya. I had originally obsessed over macramé friendship bracelets as a teenager.

What is your biggest inspiration?

It has to be the many fascinating symmetrical shapes and patterns found in nature. Even as a girl I have been drawing wild flowers and loved being outside. As long as I can remember I was always loved making stuff. The process of creating textiles is an inspiration in itself.

What is you biggest risk to date?

Moving to the UK felt like a big adventure rather than a risk. I was only going to stay for a year anyway. Moving to Cornwall, on the other hand, felt much more like a big risk. I had only ever lived in big cities and had started to build a career in education. Leaving behind friends and family again was hard but I have no regrets.

What music do you listen to?

It varies greatly as I love all kinds of music. If I can't settle on anything in particular, I'll pop on Radio 6 music to keep me company.

What is it about living and working in Cornwall that is important to you?

I grew up in the industrial heart of Germany before moving to Bristol to study. I had always considered myself a city girl with a love of nature. However, I have not looked back since moving to Cornwall in 2004. Living within walking distance to the beach is a dream come true! Falmouth has an amazing creative vibe and still enough faces that you do not know everyone.

How do you stay grounded whilst being a working mother?

I start my day stepping out into our garden with a nice hot cup of tea and listen to the birds. I do a little pond check and watch the newts. I would like to say that I also swim in the sea, meditate and eat a healthy diet every day but I am still working on that one! I do treat myself to a good book or a bit of crochet at the end of my day.