Stephanie Dudley - Made In Meva


What training have you had?

I returned to full time studying at Birmigham UCE as a mature student and gained a BA Hons in Art and Design specialising in Ceramics and Education. I went on to complete my PGCE and taught in Special Education and Mainstream schools. I was Head of Art of a large secondary school in the West Midlands before moving to Cornwall in 2014.

What is your biggest inspiration?

I knew the very first time I threw a pot under the guidance of Jo Finch that I had a connection with clay. I love the work of Bernard Leach and the artists of St Ives and all that they stood for. Texture and colour have always excited me in all forms of art. Maybe it's a coincidence that I am now living and working in Cornwall. Or is it fate?

What is you biggest risk to date?

Definitely returning to education as a mature student, the most nerve-racking thing I have ever done, followed closely by making the move to Cornwall. No regrets on either decision.

What music do you listen to?

Anything and everything. I was bought up with music always on in the background at home. I have fond memories of listening to me parents singing to each other. I love Motown but am also a sucker for a West End Musical. The radio is always on in the studio.

What is it about living and working in Cornwall that is important to you?

I have always been drawn to the sea and knew that one day I would live by it. Mevagissey, Cornwall, in particular has its own heart and you can easily fall into its rhythm. The slower pace allowing time to take in all its beauty and create accordingly.

How do you stay grounded whilst being a working mother?

Although my children are grown and live their own lives far away, you never stop being a full-time worrier. The problems do not go away, they just become more expensive! Daily phone calls with coffee/wine, time of day dependent.